Welcome to the web of Equality Factory, a transdisciplinary factory of ideas and projects for the promotion of gender equality and diversity.

Equality Factory understands gender equality and diversity as essential objectives to be able to face such contemporary challenges as intercultural education, migration and integration, political participation, human rights and, in short, the improvement of people’s human quality of life in a sustainable way.

Equality Factory offers training and consulting to organizations, companies, public institutions who wish to integrate a gender and diversity perspective in their actions, projects and organizational processes.

We think that to invest effort in debate and research is part of the most effective strategy to be able to work innovatively and with quality. Therefore these are part of our priorities so that we are able to function as a bridge between theory and praxis.

Equality Factory is constantly reviewing and open to contributions, which make our work more interesting and effective.

Recent Posts

Knight George frees himself – working on masculinities

Each 23th of April Catalan people celebrate a special day: La Diada de Sant Jordi. The background is the legend of Sant Jordi, who had to fight the dangerous dragon that held a princess captive. When the knight killed the dragon a rose grew from the dragon’s blood that was spilled. The knight took then […]

“Real Men” Campaign takes off!

Our “Real Men” Campaign takes off! Equality Factory was looking for real men. And we found them! Now we invite you to meet them…

…and we found the real men!

Equality Factory was looking for real men. And we found them! We will introduce them to you, as soon as we finish the great work we did with them on June 28th.


Equality Factory looks for real men: Men who like football, work on their muscles, know how to repair a closet, feel sexual attraction towards women, drink beer… Men who like ballet, cry with romantic movies, have emotional and sexual relationships with other men, need help, suffer and know how to crochet a scarf. Equality Factory […]

Challenging gender stereotypes with and for children at a human being-to-human being micro level _ by Maria De Eguia Huerta

Gender stereotypes are defining how the life of many children look like: what they are doing, how they are expressing themselves, how they are behaving, with what and whom they are spending time, what they do with and to their body and to their mind. Gender stereotypes are influencing their quality of life. Gender stereotypes […]