Who are we?
Equality Factory is comprised by people of different ages, opinions and identities. We come from diverse knowledge and experience areas which complement each other and allow us to think and assess with higher quality.

Aims, values and principles.

We want to be part of the world’s movement for gender equality and diversity, promote networking, coordinating efforts and exchanging different points of view. We are inspired by the most open, creative and renovating feminist theories, always reflecting on our own way of thinking.

We believe in the respect for diversity as an enrichment source and as a way of facing some of the very actual conflicts. We defend and we work for the equity between all human beings and for the guarantee of human rights. We are against discrimination based on age, language, nationality, social class, gender, sexuality, religion, abilities and any other factor.

We intend to work always in a responsible, transparent, honest, coherent, consequent, independent and just way. We wish to collaborate with and give support to the interesting propositions coming from those who do not have access to those necessary opportunities in order for their voice to be heard.

We believe and we are committed to the principle of solidarity. We want to sensitize our society in order to come closer to a real gender equality and diversity. We pursue to increase (in quantity and quality) the knowledge about those issues related to both gender and diversity. We hope to influence those people and institutions who have the power to take those decisions directly affecting peoples human quality of life.