Research & debate

Equality Factory believes in the importance of research and debate to grow and move forward. To re-think, analyse, research and review is essential in order to create new useful working tools and strategies.

Equality Factory meets regularly to debate about those issues which are provocative, interesting or challenging. We consider that our factory of ideas and proposals needs this space in order for it to grow and strengthen Equality Factory’s identity, to offer the personal enrichment which comes through exchanging knowledges and points of view and to guarantee the quality of our work, which promotes critical thinking.

One of our stronger aspirations is precisely to be a bridge between theory and the possible practical implementations. Therefore, besides counting with a big amount of creativity, motivation and diverse experiences, we think it is necessary to approach these theoretical sources of inspiration.

Equality Factory supports research convinced that it is an essential tool for social transformation. For this transformation to be participative we think it is important to transfer theoretical knowledge to those experts in other areas.

Currently these are some of the research issues which we support, in which we are working and which we are including in our debates, meetings and trainings:

  • Gender and public participation
  • Influence of the gender construction in the human quality of life: making visible the urgency of the gender and diversity politics
  • Feminism and post-feminism: Inspiration without concretion?
  • Infant Masculinities
  • The human capabilities and its operativity: limits and potential in its practical implementation when assessing public policy.
  • Re-thinking Gender Mainstreaming: including masculinitieS and moving beyond bureaucratic.
  • Intersectionality: paying attention to the multiple identities for discrimination analysis.
  • Doing gender or gender construction in different parts of the world: how to analyse these processes, how to understand them, implementation and methodological challenges in migration and integration politics as well as international cooperation for development.