Knight George frees himself – working on masculinities

Each 23th of April Catalan people celebrate a special day: La Diada de Sant Jordi. The background is the legend of Sant Jordi, who had to fight the dangerous dragon that held a princess captive. When the knight killed the dragon a rose grew from the dragon’s blood that was spilled. The knight took then the rose and gave it to the princess.
Equality Factory has produced a hand puppet’s video for children and adults called “The day Sir George made himself free”. This is a material produced for families, schools and anyone who lives and works with children, which can help to reflect about stereotypes, expectations and above all…to free oneself from all those gender constraints that concern us all!
The knight is fed up with his job: having to kill instead of talking, rescuing a princess he actually does not know, having to ride that unsteady horse… Why does he have to do it every year again when all that he actually wants… is to be a cook!
LANGAGE: CATALAN (subtitles coming soon)

See the video here: Equality Factory You Tube Channel

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